Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Lately I’ve been noticing that even though I have everything I actually need I still need more things, things that really will not make me happy or my children happy because they just have that extra white shirt or that puffy glitter paint they’ll forget to put the lid on and it’ll dry 5min after they first use it.
Objects that really mean nothing but to glorify that we have money which we don’t have much of anyways. 
Which makes me stuck, the more I buy thinking it will make me happy the less happy I actually am.
Maybe its because I have grown up an realised that things mean nothing and that happiness needs to come from my family, my daughters or myself and that I shouldn't let others/objects tell me what makes me happy or not.

So I started writing a list. Each day I have added more because usually I don't notice them but now I have.

Things that make me genuinely happy:
Me time.
The girls laugh.
The girls sleeping.
The girls playing together.
Warm green tea.
Warm days.
Beach days.
Sandy butts (not my own)
Frankie magazine.
Pana chocolate.
Lazy days at home.
Sleep ins.
Late nights. 

Are you in the same boat??

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Since upgrading my iphone I forgot how to use my canon, I never pick it up or take it out because it is just too heavy to lug around but today I did, I snapped these while we waited for Chris to return from a quick job this morning. 
I snapped a few staged ones but I like these ones much better because these are them and truthfully you can never get all three children to look at the camera at the same time to smile.

Friday, October 09, 2015


A few images from this week.

1. Beached
2. New Shoes + New Pedi
3. Teddy, Smoothies + Recipes.
4. Post Long Weekend Sleep ins.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Village

The older girls have gone out with my mother in law, she also washed our dishes and tidied up a whole kitchen because I just didn't have the energy to do it all myself for the 5000x today.
Its nice for the place to be silent for the first time this week, the school holidays started and so now the constant screaming + complaining will be part of our days.

I am so grateful she took them because I really needed some time away from them to re-center myself, to re-focus and to push away the sadness I am carrying around.
By taking them I am finally able to breath, ponder around the house doing a few little things I need to do, write those list and stare at all the old clothes they no longer need.
I just have these days that I just need to be able to close my eyes and not feel this intense overwhelmed feeling that I get.

Usually my parents lend a helping hand but they are currently on holidays overseas and I've noticed so much more how much I actually need them,
 I need them because I tend to get a little overwhelmed with everything around me, I am the main sol career of the girls, I do everything for them, for our home and for him.
Some days my days seem like they will never end, that they just drag on and on while others I blink and its already time for the night flow.

The older I get the more I realise how much you need family or friends to be around, for them to come past so you can shower for the first time in a few days, for them to entertain your children while you cook some dinner or to grab a coffee or bring you some, or to sit at a park with you while your children run around,
I am so grateful that I do have that.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Self Love.

What is it even really??
Regard for one's own well-being and happiness. Is the dictionary meaning that google gives you.
But how many of us practice it with ourselves??

As women, mothers and everything we are, we tend to always put ourselves last on any little list, we conversate with our friends about things we wish to change within ourselves to fit in with the way society wants us to be, we even tell ourselves that we are not enough.

We aspire to be something that even when we reach those goal we have set for ourselves it is not enough because society tells us that we need more.
Today's society wants us all to be skinny with an hourglass figure and more than 50% of us do not have that and we belittle ourselves for not.
We are also told that if we love ourselves we our up-ourselves, that we think we are better than everyone else, that we shouldn't love ourselves because of ect.

Personally I think self love is really important it makes you who you are, it helps you stand tall in all those situations you would want to dig a hole in, it makes you and those around you happy.
With self love we teach our children to appreciate and love themselves, to love their little quirks and accept that they are not the same as their friends and that being different is 100% okay.
With self love we teach them how they should treat themselves, how they should be treated by others and how they should treat others, by this imagine their generation how much more accepting they will be with each other for who they are.
With self love we can love so much more.

but first we need to show ourselves self love, we need to appreciate what we have, what we do and forget what we do not have.
I am not here to tell you to go to your mirror and tell yourself that you are wonderful woman ect.

I'm here to tell you that by feeding your body good wholesome foods, by drinking water and moving every single day is a form of self love because your body will thrive, by stopping the comparisons with others because you are the only person on this earth that is just like you, celebrating those achievements no matter how little they are, by learning to say no, letting go of past trauma/wounds, losing toxic relationships and learning to forgive yourself even if you do a few once a blue moon soon you'll get the hang of it and you'll be glowing with self love and acceptance.